hepchas kina?

by Anautho Prashna

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raw hardcore punk from Pokhara, Nepal

Anautho Prashna is :
samn - guitar/vocals
sagar - bass/vocals
kushal - drums/vocal

Facebook: www.facebook.com/we.suck.AnauthoPrashna?ref=hl


released January 31, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Who save
What do you think of this place? no idea
What do you think of them? all maggots
What do they did here? fucked this place
What would you like to give? destroy you all

who save this place
we don't want this mess
is all here possible
where all of them got fall
Track Name: Democracy is a lie
democracy is a lie
do they care about the people?
democracy is a lie
suffering from police brutality
democracy is a lie
who care about the people?
democracy is a lie
here corrupted mentality

you give there false speech
we cried for your lie lie lie
let we can abolish them
dont care if they live or die
Track Name: Neta Faal Aviyan
Mugi neta taile k garis?
yo Nepal taile bigaris
Sansar ma chinauchu vandai
Rajniti le hamilai dubais
hamro paisa goji ma rakhi
vanchas yo ho desh kai lagi
paisa matra khana janchas
yo Nepal kaile banauchas?

Aba hami suru garu neta faal aviyan
Track Name: No to the Fascist World
no one can stand on our way
do what you want you say
we have the strong unity
its from our town to city
this ain't some of history
here's your worst misery
we're here not for fight
but we'll stand for our right
no lead to fascist world
Track Name: Freedom
Im in such a fucking state of mind
they think im different in kind
thats how i want to live

Let them kill the so called "Rajneeti"
and bring the Anarchy?
thats how i want to live

Those who doesnt understand you
dont care and fuck them too
thats how ill react to you
Track Name: Animal Anger
hey people what you think that you killing them
just for the food and for filling your lust?
you killed their father you killed their mother here
now you're killing them for meat, skin and their fur?

they're not born in this world to be killed from you
they've given what you need and what they had to
you know we are the same, leaving this world
before killing them think yourself what you've told

Go ahead kill yourself and eat your meat
Go ahead kill yourself you're disgusting shit
Track Name: End War
No religion money country No government?
Track Name: Muji Danthe
oe Danthe
kina yeta hereko
oe Danthe
kina yesto gareko
oe Danthe
kina hero baneko
oe Danthe
maile aula dekhako

tero danda maile choreko
tero gadi maile foreko
tero boot maile chyateko
bichi aula maile dekhako
muji danthe

oe Danthe
malai kina rokeko
malai kina hepeko
paisa khane bichar cha kya?
handiuki gula ma
Track Name: Dharma yo pinjada ho
tero dharma, tero bhagwan
jhuto sabai, malai thacha
paisa ra shakti ko, khel khelna
yesko yha, daara dekhaucha
dharma ko nau ma, yuddha yha
dharma ko nau ma, yuddha tyaha
ekta lai, tukraudae yha
manis bich, ghrina badaucha

dharma yo pinjada ho, dharma yo

tero marr, andho biswas
paapa haina, hattya ho yo
rati ko, arko bhoj lai
garirane, aparrad ho
tero bhagwan, khusi vaye
de taile, afailai bali
tero afno, haat kaatde
tero afno, ghati kaatde

dharma yo pinjada ho ,dharma yo

tero dharma, tero bhagwan
jhuto sabai, malai thacha
paisa shakti ko, khel khelna
yesko yha, daar dekhaucha

dharma yo pinjada ho, dharma yo
Track Name: Prachanda
gu kha
jati bivagi
paisa lovi
dhrai bolis
thapad khais
desh haena
ghar samal
dhrai dhatis
ja mor
nyaya lauchas?
kati maris
k garis?
sap bigaris

vote k ma prachanda ma?